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Safety Driver Training

Our AIM is to validate your DRIVER TRAINING investment by reducing accidents in your organization and have your employees queuing up to thank you for providing the course.... 

Defensive Driver Training

TELLS you how to avoid problems on the road...


Blah Blah Blah....That’s the sound that most people hear when attending a “Defensive Driving” course. Why? Because the content is mainly of a long list of generalised “do’s and don’ts” and the presentation is a lecture. Leaving the participant disengaged and your investment wasted.


Our Defensive Driving Course is designed to engage, to provoke and have a positive influence on driving behaviour by:


  • Addressing the root causes of bad driving practices.

  • Covering practical aspects of life on the road and how to manage them.

  • Involving the participants in discussion and exchange of experiences.

  • Addressing the core pillars of Defensive Driving pertinent to the region.



Offensive Driver Training

Blah Blah, Blah Blah, Blah Blah Blah.

SHOWS you how to manage problems when they happen!


No matter how diligently a road user practices Defensive Driving, they will eventually face emergency “situations” on the road.  With no experience or training, the driver is vulnerable.


Offensive driving training is a practical course where students are taught new techniques that they put immediately into practice in emergency situations, repeatedly….


This is delivered in a secure, safe environment, allowing the student to build confidence in managing emergency situations, applying the knowledge learnt in the course.

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